About us

Photo credit: Rashmi Chadha

Secwepemc traditional territory, "Heffley Lake BC"

We are a grassroots group of activist physicians working with our communities to grow an intersectional, decolonial and anti-racist movement on the climate and ecologic emergency. We use a long-term approach to address the complex interconnected issues and structural problems contributing to this emergency, and stand in solidarity with Indigenous land and water protectors. We use our health lens and evidence-informed approach to bring light to structural injustices that impact the earth we share.

We are based on Coast Salish traditional territories, "Vancouver BC", and we welcome all healthcare professionals.

Our vision

A just world in which we:

  • Live in mutual respect with the natural world and each other.

  • Have an ecocentric understanding of the interconnections between human and ecological health

  • Express gratitude and build loving reciprocity with the natural world and one another for future generations.